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If you don't see the form you are looking for, check back with us soon or email and someone will get back to you. Our team is working hard to update and share important information. 

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No need to RSVP. Simply show up and be ready to meet some really neat LGBTQ+ residents in the GLOW region!


Free parking is often available in front of the establishment on Exchange Street. Come in the front door and we'll be meeting in the room to the right of the entrance.


Coffee and snacks will be provided. You're welcome to stay after and partake in happy hour on the bar side, if you like!

To learn more about SAGE, please visit:



LGBTQ+ members of the GLOW region crave the opportunity to come together in a safe, uplifting space and to allow the greater community to express their support and appreciation. Moments of such radical inclusion, affirmation, and representation in our conservative, rural community can be life-changing to members all along the gender and sexual orientation spectrum. This show of love and appreciation empowers our LGBTQ+ community to be proud of who they are and to continue to be brave in an often scary or challenging world. 


Additionally, pride festivals help to advance social acceptance by bringing awareness of the LGBTQ+ experience and culture to the community at large. A multitude of allies including individuals, families, churches, organizations, and corporations that participate in the event, whether through sponsorships or attendance, show visible support and connection. Whether a person has never met an openly LGBTQ+ person or they are one, we hope that you consider joining us in a variety of events that brings the community together for a wonderful cause.

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